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protect your pineal

The Egyptians usually respected symmetry in accordance with the principles of Maat, the harmony and balance of the world...


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The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. Intended to protect the Pharaoh in the afterlife and to ward off evil. Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern sailors would frequently paint the symbol on the bow of their vessel to ensure safe sea travel.

The name Horus comes from the Egyptian word Hor, which translates as 'face'. We find him worshipped as Mekhenti-irry, which translates as 'He who has on his brow Two Eyes', the sun (Solar) and moon (lunar) representing his eyes. On nights when there is no moon we find him worshipped as Mekhenti-en-irty, 'He who on his brow has no eyes', in this form he was considered the god of the blind.*

The Eye of Horus overlays the Hypothalamus of the human brain complex, there lays the magic of the pineal gland, the seat of the soul, the sacred window.


For our first headwear release we wanted to create a powerful cap that has the ability to raise consciousness, a cap that is filled with balanced properties. It took 2 years of design and development, we are blessed to unleash it to the world.


This cap and its symbology represent a completely in-tune and balanced brain, with an open frontal Neo-Cortex (the mystical third eye), shining a pure light frequency.

The main 3rd eye front buck sigil is comprised of 3 main elements.

The white pyramid – This is a symbol of pure consciousness and the sacred trinity that represents the balance of one's thoughts, emotions and actions.

The white pyramid logo contains a symmetrical Eye of Horus and this represents the balance of both Left and Right brain hemispheres.

The 13 colour flares have been designed to collapse and form a pure colour spectrum in the unconscious mind of both the wearer and the observer. The colour flares are a representation of pure non-egoic love, and shining a light from your Pineal Gland out through your third eye into the world.

Pure love has been encoded into this snapback with the mantra:

“I am balanced, my pineal gland is activated,
and I am emitting a frequency of pure love..”

Extremely limited edition with only 300 pieces on Earth. 

Never Underestimate Planetary Consciousness.



Limited edition release of x300

Satin Silk Lined

5 Panel 100% cotton

Round Peak

Snapback adjustable

Custom interior taping

Single BuckRam

Luxury sweatband

13 Colour 3D puff embroidery

Free Pineal Horus Tshirt

Worldwide shipping

£ 35.00

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Karmic Disclaimer

We at SSxAA are in no way trying to take anything away from the importance of antiquity. We are in no way trying to disassemble or corrupt these symbols, and we are sensitively aware of the energy, sovereignty and importance of these symbols to the souls/culture that created them.


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Pineal Horus T-shirt


This simple and understated T-shirt design drops perfectly with the ‘Pineal Horus Snapback'. The infinite Horus Flare pattern has been printed onto a pyramid pocket detail, and this is mirror inverted creating a harmonious match with the silk lining of the cap and its peak.

The plain black T-shirt represents the darkness of infinite space and the meditative void; the pocket is a representation of the great pyramid of Gizah, and its placement on the Heart Chakra of Earth/Gaia.

The multilateral chest pocket also gives the wearer the opportunity to charge a single doobie with pyramidal power to the heart Chakra prior to lighting.

Take advantage of our superb website launch offer - buy a snapback and get this t-shirt for free* (while stocks last).




Slim Fitted – Slim/Small Cut

Single Jersey 100% Organic Cotton

140 lightweight GSM

Round collar in 1x1 rib with necktape

Bottom and sleeve hem with double needle stitch


£ 13.00

 (excl. Postage)


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