SUMTHINK®  established 2006

London | Vienna

We are an online clothing label and art store, specialising in luxury headwear, conscious street apparel and Apophenic Art. Our cutting edge designs are crafted with the intention of raising consciousness, promoting positivity and balance in the energetic output of the wearer. This done with the understanding and embracing of nature’s natural laws.

The company name was formed as a play on words for an exaggerated London pronunciation of the word “Something”, but the positive resonance and definitive etymology of Sumthink can be understood as..

Sum +

The whole amount, quantity, or number; an aggregate:

Think =

direct one's mind towards someone or something; use one's mind actively to form connected ideas.

The Sum represents us (the human collective mind-soul) and our need to think as individuals and come together as one.

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What is Apophenic Art?

Apophenic Art is the process of symmetrically mirror-manipulating an image with the sole intention of finding, and then capturing the most powerful face, figure or pattern that decides to jump, or project, from the unconscious mind of the artist onto the mirrored image. It is at this 'realisation point' that the artist will feel an emotional response or sensation, and will then freeze the image forever in the frame, thus forming a wholly unique and unbreakable bond between the artwork and the artist.

 In short, It is saying what you see in the symmetrical or abstract art you are observing.

Apophenia has been defined as the unmotivated seeing of patterns or connections, in random or meaningless data, accompanied by a "specific feeling of an abnormal meaningfulness", and has come to represent the human tendency to always seek a pattern when presented with random stimuli. 


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"Pineal Horus"
Snapback product photos by Francisco Penedo



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