No cloud is ever the same,
the moment is brief
and the moment shall pass.
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Holographic Skies

An Adventure In Apophenia

Cloud & Chemtrail Symmetry 


Here you can download our debut eBook visualised, shot & edited entirely on iphone available for all tablets and smart phone devices.

133 of our hardest hitting symmetrical sky artworks presented in the form of an all new Rorschach inkblot test.

The images presented in this eBook are the original collection, and they produce intensely vivid and lucid Apophenic responses. 

We are dedicated skywatchers and this eBook represents a 3 year journey observing and photographing the skies above us. We became obsessed by the Chemtrail spraying, HAARP patterns, and strange cloud formations we were witnessing daily, but it was a brief encounter with the first image presented on this page that sparked a new fascination, the wonders of symmetry. We were unable to fathom exactly how, or what we were seeing in this symmetrical cloud picture, and we needed to find answers. 

We started to use mirror point symmetry to distort our own cloud and Chemtrail photographs, and the images we were seeing in the resulting pictures began to truly blow our minds. No photoshop trickery, just the mirror with slight contrast and brightness adjustments, the faces, beings and geometric shapes began to leap from the screen.

We soon discovered Hermann Rorschach and began to understand the workings of the mind. Symmetry commands the conjuring of "illusions, or unconscious projections", or Apophenia as the cognitive wonder is known, but still we could not truly rationalise some of the images we were seeing in these symmetrical chemtrail and cloud pictures.

Some cloud shots when mirrored were producing no powerful images of note, while others were actually generating physical responses such as goosebumps and shivers. Apophenic Art was born.

We decided to produce a new and exciting 'Rorschach Inkblot test' and continue his fine work from the late 19th century with a modern spin- while highlighting and forever documenting what we were seeing in the skies above us. This project is our own unique way of bringing attention and awareness to a situation/agenda we take very seriously, we implore you to research Chemtrails and HAARP.

Holographic Skies An Adventure In Apophenia is a journey like no other, 133 symmetrical sky artworks presented in a slick and elegant eBook that has been designed to blow your Apophenic mind.

It has to be seen to be believed, download now...


The sky has never looked so strange.


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Lenticular Morph Hologram

Cloud & Chemtrail Holography


These limited edition ‘Lenticular Morph Holograms’ are very special, and highly original works of art.

Making the front cover of  ‘Holographic Skies – An Adventure in Apophenia’, into a physical Hologram, became an artistic journey that led the team deep into the hills of Austria, as we sourced the finest of holographic hands to help bring the vision to life.

This is the first release in the Apophenic Art Lenticular series and features two of the biggest ‘Cloud Apophenia’ powerhouse images combined to make a truly unique piece of spooky holography.

The angel and the devil are common Apophenic responses to inkblots; this piece is a dedication to this strange phenomenon of the mind.

The Hologram is an ‘up & down’ lenticular morph, that represents looking up to the sky and then down to the earth. Only x3, hand signed, are available to purchase, presented in Reflective Proof Glass, with Luxury frame. 


£ 435.00

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Holographic Skies

An Adventure In Apophenia

limited edition hardback


The eBook is available at all major eBook stores, but the journey did not start there. The book was originally created to be a coffee table hard back, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this body of work in its original form.

The hardback was printed with no expense spared in Vienna, and contains artworks that were edited or removed from the published eBook version, this is a first edition in the truest sense of the word.

Only x22 were printed as prototypes for the project, and the book contains an extreme amount of concentrated energy from the Apophenic Art trinity.

We wanted the book to have a visual impact before it was even opened; it made perfect sense to make the front cover a hologram. We took the Holographic Sky and fused it forever into a holy book of Apophenia, we know there is nothing like this on earth, this book has magic properties.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the final x3 original manifest hardback copies, please contact info @ for more information. (contact us tab below)


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Cloud & Chemtrail

Cloud & Chemtrail Geometry


Mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल Maṇḍala, 'circle') is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe.

The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point.

Each gate is in the general shape of a T. 
Mandalas often exhibit radial balance.

The term is of Sanskrit origin. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.

In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.


You can purchase our Cloud Mandala Artworks as high resolution prints 13x13 inch / 33x33cm 


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  • Kayena Vaca Manasendriar Va
  • Asato Ma Sadgamaya
  • Dhyana Mulam Gurur Murtih
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra
  • Guru Brahma
  • Om Purnamadah Purnamidam
  • Karpura Gauram Karunavataram
  • Om Saha Navavatu
  • Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam
  • Om Sarvesam Swastir Bhavatu
  • Om Namah Sivaya Gurave
  • Yopa mayatanam Veda
  • Pancha Bhoota Stalam

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