Encode your emotions,
create your own reality.
AA HP slider 1400x420 encodedemotions

The pieces presented here are a true testament to the Apophenic Art module and show the evolution of our artworks.

This collection aims to encode a specific emotion into the very movement of the piece.

The encoded data contains pure energy from the artist Si-Fi MOSES, and strives to stir the cauldron of the soul.

The rest is up to Apophenia and the workings of the individual cognitive mind, to decode the RMD as it sees fit.

Flowing, abstract, vivid material designed to enhance any space, any lobby or gallery wall.

Please contact info @ apophenicart.com for exhibition enquiries. (contact us tab below)

Each Encoded Emotion Artwork is available to purchase as a high resolution print 33x33cm 


(Plus Postage*)

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  • jimi
  • echo of narkissos
  • bedouin wife
  • valleyofkings
  • akashic record
  • tut
  • under the sun
  • life on mars
  • glow
  • horsewigg
  • palm of your hand
  • sifi angels 3
  • rise
  • sacralized
  • AA HP content 1200x1200 wiggyey02

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