AA HP slider 1400x420 artist BIGGLES

SUMTHINK consciousness founding father and director at Apophenic Art Londinium. He is all about symmetry and his obsession with mirroring the clouds has driven the artist to pursue his dreams. His abstract canvas artwork can light up any space. He attacks the blankness and creates his RMD with wild Inkblot splashes of vivid colour and expressive paint splats...

"Sumthink Spiritual is a frequency - a peaceful movement of Apophenic Artists, designers, musicians, producers, farmers and consciousness raisers. It has grown slowly, we started in 2006. We take steps together to bring Love and change this earth; day-by-day we follow the symmetry, the synchronicity and expand the family".. BIGgles



“Jah bless all of the people trying to break free from Babylon chains!”



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