Those who destroy the lie promote Ma'at

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The Law In Symmetry


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Maat or Ma'at is the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, world order, harmony, law, morality, and justice.

Maat was also personified as a goddess regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation.

"Written at least 2,000 years before the Ten Commandments of Moses, the 42 Principles of Ma’at are one of Africa’s, and the world’s, oldest sources of moral and spiritual instruction. Ma’at, the Ancient Egyptian divine Principle of Truth, Justice, and Righteousness, is the foundation of natural and social order and unity. Ancient Africans developed a humane system of thought and conduct which has been recorded in volumes of African wisdom literature, such as, these declarations from the Book of Coming Forth By Day (the so-called Book of the Dead), The Teachings of Ptah-Hotep, the writings of Ani, Amenemope, Merikare, and others."

The Fortney Encyclical Black History:
The World's True Black History
* Albert Fortney Jr.


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The Osireion at Abydos






The Egyptians used symmetry whatever the medium and usually respected symmetry, in accordance with the principles of Maat (the harmony and balance of the world).


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As the Eye of Horus overlays the Hypothalamus of the human brain complex, there lays the magic of the pineal gland, the seat of the soul, the sacred window to MA'AT, the law of symmetry (left/right, above/below). 


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“Those who destroy the lie promote Ma'at;
those who promote the good
will erase the evil.
As fullness casts out appetite,
as clothes cover the nude and
as heaven clears up after a storm.”  
*The moaning of the Bedouin





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