“It was a being that I saw,
it stared at me, I can’t ignore”
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Welcome to the Vault


This collection is sure to expand the unconscious mind as we present a few of our Apophenic Anomalies.

It is here that we intend on taking the ‘Klecksograph / Inkblot’ to a whole new level using the magic of the mirror and the power of the cognitive mind, to engage the viewer in pure, unadulterated, Apophenic Art.

Multiple everyday objects are distorted to create a new level of perception, tapping into a part of the mind that can’t be tamed, where symmetrical resistance is futile.

This vault is designed to showcase our early explorations of the Apophenic realms, and reveal just how incredible the power of Apophenia really is. 


The current subjects on display here...

A burnt out car wreck, a tea towel, Lake Windermere, a Venetian blind, Quartz crystals, some wild Flora, a building site, and a few of our early digital experiments with fractals.


 We will update this page frequently. 




  • fire mashall
  • quartz city
  • dark towel
  • fantastic mr foxglove
  • spirit level
  • calcite indigo
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  • gaia goddess
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  • Inkblot Water ink

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