“You might suddenly see an image of us
turn and look at you,
in a way you didn’t imagine”
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(Random / Meaningless / Data)


Apophenia has been defined as the unmotivated seeing of patterns or connections, in random or meaningless data, accompanied by a "specific feeling of an abnormal meaningfulness", and has come to represent the human tendency to always seek a pattern when presented with random stimuli.

Apophenia is the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of unrelated phenomena. It is the sensation that is the most mysterious, the feeling of 'relevance' that is so very hard to explain.

A mysterious cognitive wonder, also known as a 'false positive', or a 'type 1 error' - Apophenia, and the slight variant of the phenomenon Pareidolia, have baffled some of the greatest human minds, and is still a subject of much contention.

Examples range from seeing a face in a rock formation, to an image of the Virgin Mary in a jacket potato. The man on the moon can be attributed to Apophenia/Pareidolia, as can the 'fallacy' of gambling patterns, numerology, and the interconnected wonders of Carl Jung's Synchronicity.

A common example is stating that a cloud in the sky resembles something other than a cloud, like an angel, or a swan.

The root etymology of Apophenia can be understood as "apophany'', or a "false epiphany". 

If you present a human with two circles and a straight line, the very second the circles are next to each other at an equal distance, and the straight line is below, the human will see a face pattern, and they will not be able to stop it. The mirror and the introduction of symmetry to any random visual pattern induces Apophenic Face recognition at an incredible speed.


This is the wikipedia source for the most basic examples of Apophenia and facial recognition mechanics, and the reason ‘face type patterns’ are the most common of responses lies in the earliest days of the formation of the human brain/mind/soul on the earth.

It is hard to visualize the days when our species was not making any cognitive processes to the remembrance of patterns, It makes complete sense that one of the very first patterns that would require ‘memory’ would be that of face.

As family and consciousness began to grow it was vital that the faces of loved ones could be processed and remembered, just as much as the need to swiftly process the face of an aggressor for survival.

A child tries to process and store the face of its mother as eyelids crack open for the first time. To see a face pattern is the most natural of human responses.

This ancient phenomenon of the mind is our artistic inspiration, and the driving force of our creativity here at Apophenic Art.

Why are face type patterns the most common of visual responses to symmetrically manipulated RMD?

We are pretty much hard wired to scan for one.

“We see things not as they are,
but as we are.”  
*H M Tomlinson


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